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The practice of Yoga has been a long journey within that has changed me in many powerful ways. When practicing yoga, I become more aware of my internal world and I am present within. Through my therapeutic yoga classes , my hope is to assist you in beginning your own JOURNEY WITHIN and help you heal and change. Yoga provides the perfect pathway to transform, blossom and thrive.
I am honored to serve expecting mommas and their little ones not only as a Pre and Post Natal yoga teacher but also as a Hypnobirthing educator and an Infant Massage instructor. I wear many hats in this world, but all of them are to help birth ourselves into a new state of consciousness. And for that, there are no words.....

Friday, June 18, 2010

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras – I.33 A Gift of Grace

Interpretive translation by Joseph Le Page:
Kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity (in relation to pleasure and pain, good and evil) are naturally cultivated through glad acceptance of all life offers as a gift of grace.

A Gift of Grace
Live lightly, for every grain of earth, water, sun, wind and space is truly a gift of grace.
Be grateful, for this body of a million miracles per moment offers vistas of infinite beauty.
Look deeply, for every flower holds a blueprint for unfolding your own inner beauty.
Play freely, for joy is the natural language in this sandbox of earth, sea and sky.
Witness wisely, for the roller coaster ride is much less stressful when watching from outside.
Breathe deeply, for air is the language that makes you one with everything under the sun.
Sit silently, for meditation is the science of unwrapping the secret gift of your own soul.
Love tenderly, for the beating heart of the whole universe is held in your soul mate's hands.
Let go completely, for every belief that binds you is that much less space to receive the gift of grace.
Serve selflessly, for loving kindness is the thread that weaves as one the entire web of life.
Dance life’s seasons softly, for every change is another face of the ever flowing river of grace.
Live gracefully, for every moment of everyday and each new path, and every face are all a gift of grace.

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