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The practice of Yoga has been a long journey within that has changed me in many powerful ways. When practicing yoga, I become more aware of my internal world and I am present within. Through my therapeutic yoga classes , my hope is to assist you in beginning your own JOURNEY WITHIN and help you heal and change. Yoga provides the perfect pathway to transform, blossom and thrive.
I am honored to serve expecting mommas and their little ones not only as a Pre and Post Natal yoga teacher but also as a Hypnobirthing educator and an Infant Massage instructor. I wear many hats in this world, but all of them are to help birth ourselves into a new state of consciousness. And for that, there are no words.....

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Bring a sense of adventure and a friend and let's practice yoga outdoors on the next full (harvest) moon!
We meet at 8:45pm (Please read the info. below re. the things to bring on the Outdoor Yoga):
Meet at our out-door classroom under the moon: Sacajawea Park in front of the Bandshell, Livingston
FRIDAY September 4, 2009- WINDY or not!! (but NOT if rains)!!
PAY BY DONATION: a donation is the sacred act of giving (those who can pay more, help support those who can’t pay as much)
Beginners and the “completely rigid and inflexible” welcome
The yoga class lasts around 75 minutes, then we play drums/guitar (feel free to bring an instrument). This is a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people and safely practice at night, with a new perspective on yoga.

Yoga Mat (strap/blocks if desired)
Small candle
Blanket, (small pillow?)
Warm layers
Water & Snacks  (no alcohol allowed)
Instrument (if applicable)
A sense of adventure

Need child care to make it to this class? Contact: Shelly- 222.7898, Sammy-223.6907, Amber-222.2801, Aubrey-220.5328, Sophie Hewey -223-1834

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